Third Time’s A Charm: Why I Started A Blog

BY KEIANA BOWIE  PHOTO BY ISABEL MARTIN In 2015, I was a sophomore in high school and also a fresh writer on my schools student published magazine staff. My sophomore English teacher always handed out the magazine at the end of her classes when they came out every month since she was the Publications (Magazine … Continue reading Third Time’s A Charm: Why I Started A Blog

“A Mother’s Love”

BY LARAE CRENSHAW While some children played games at the park with friends and only dealt with the simplicity of childhood, I wondered where my home might be, who would take care of me, and what each day might hold. Between shuffling from my mother’s house to her parents, I was burnt out but that … Continue reading “A Mother’s Love”

The Act of Remembering

BY MIYAH BYERS I have this small wooden elephant--its chestnut brown. Smooth to the touch, its arched back forms perfectly to the palm of my hand. It has no tusks but its trunk is lifted upwards and carved grooves emphasize the outer edges of its ears. I bought it one summer while on a vacation at … Continue reading The Act of Remembering

My Black Father – A poem by Mylan Marable

Poem by MYLAN MARABLE, Music by GRIFFIN WOODARD Post by MIYAH BYERS While we are on this earth, it is important to lift up and honor stories and voices that have something to put out into the universe. In addition to that, we should take special care to lift up voices and people of color, … Continue reading My Black Father – A poem by Mylan Marable

One Mind, One Body, One Soul

BY MIYAH BYERS One thing I love most about life is that it is full of challenges. Now, you might be thinking, "What the hell?? Who likes adversity?" Believe me, sometimes all I want is a break, but every time you get up and meet life at where it stands, you prove (again and again) … Continue reading One Mind, One Body, One Soul


BY KEIANA BOWIE  So I recently quit my job.  There's that served cold on a plate for you. Wait, let me rephrase that... I quit my job a few days ago, it's just time for me to move on, I guess. I'm exhausted. I've been planning my "perfect" graduation party and I haven't started packing … Continue reading #HotChocolate&Thunderstorms