10 Random Facts About Me During The Month of 10

By KEIANA BOWIE I just realized that you guys kind of know nothing about me... So in honor of this year being almost over, here are 10 random facts for you to feel a little bit more connected to me, because why not? 1) I used to be in gymnastics. Though I am not as … Continue reading 10 Random Facts About Me During The Month of 10


What’s On My iPhone

By KEIANA BOWIE I'm one that likes to stay updated with the latest technology. And falling behind in this world isn't a good thing and technology is always changing. Most people would agree that their iPhone is all they need. iPhone's are basically like your mom-- tells you what you need to get done (Reminders), … Continue reading What’s On My iPhone

An Interview With My Little Person

BY KEIANA BOWIE Since the beginning of summer my god-brother Ricky (the little boy on the far left) has been visiting. Well.. he's gone now but he's never gone for too long... Seriously... I give it a few more days and he'll be back again. Ricky turned nine years old this year and I find … Continue reading An Interview With My Little Person

Full House (The POC version)

BY MIYAH BYERS This weekend, my cousin Christian is graduating from high school. He turned 18 earlier this year, and is the last of us "cousin-siblings" to finally cross over into semi-adulthood. Let's TURN UP for him real quick:   With that being said, everyone is making their way to the homestead in order to attend … Continue reading Full House (The POC version)


BY MIYAH BYERS Kendrick Lamar has done it again. On April 14, 2017, he released his fourth studio album, titled DAMN.  Kung-Fu Kenny is back! He did not come to play with y’all. He is BACK-- by popular demand! And it is safe to say that I’m still over here like:        From … Continue reading DAMN.