Who We Are

Hey you! My name is Keiana. I’m 18 years old and I currently attend Purdue University in Indiana. I’m majoring in Psychological Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Medicine and a minor in Creative Writing.

I picked up writing at a very young age but I didn’t think I could actually do something with it until I got to high school. There, I was the Copy Editor for my schools student published magazine in 2016-2017 and also the Academics Editor for the yearbook staff in 2016-2017.

Writing is my passion and even though I don’t have much time to do all of the things that I enjoy, I can’t give up writing so I have joined The Purdue Review, a premier news magazine, on campus.

In my free time (which is almost never now), I also play the viola and piano.

I am a sole believer in my Christian faith but I don’t believe a person must go to church in order to believe or have a relationship with God. I attend Halftime with Campus Outreach and bible study sessions on with he Purdue Bible Fellowship.

When I’m not writing my next blog post, you can find me singing my heart out, planning for the future, at Starbucks or in a corner reading a book.

Getting in touch with me is super easy! Follow me on Instagram at: @keiana_b

or if you’d like to email me at: keianabowie@yahoo.com, that would be alright too!

I hope that when you do decide to leave, you go feeling encouraged and inspired.

Miyah Byers is a 19 year old from Northern Indiana who plans to major in Africana

18221591_1442580259118169_8976685884647671510_nStudies and Cinema Studies while she is away at college.

Miyah is an exceptional artist who has interests in 3D work and 2D work including drawing, screen printing, painting and much more. She has played the viola for five years and played piano for several years in between. 

She is a spiritual person who is currently working towards Self-Realization under her guru– Paramahansa Yogananda. Miyah first learned of the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) from a best friend, then purchased Yogananda’s autobiography, which you can buy here if interested. She meditates everyday and believes in God while not limiting herself to just one religion.

When Miyah isn’t writing her next post or painting her next masterpiece, you can also find her learning new things or in the kitchen making amazing desserts!

Instagram: MiyahByers

Email: mbyers714@gmail.com

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