Third Time’s A Charm: Why I Started A Blog



In 2015, I was a sophomore in high school and also a fresh writer on my schools student published magazine staff. My sophomore English teacher always handed out the magazine at the end of her classes when they came out every month since she was the Publications (Magazine and Yearbook) teacher as well. There were always those kids who would flip through it to pass the never ending time of English 10 and also those kids who just threw them away without giving even the slightest glance to the front cover. In all, students never really paid much attention to them, but I did. The idea of student reporters seemed fascinating– especially in the movies.

The articles the student wrote really kept me entertained. I saved each new issue when it was passed out and I read every story. Each person had their own style and writing voice that seemed to compel me.

My love for writing only grew because of this.

I was a shy person. And I still am to some degree but I’m better. Around that time, I dreaded public speaking and group projects. But if I could just be apart of something like a magazine I could be around people who shared similar interests with me. I knew I had to do this. It was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone, yes. But I figured that it would make things better.

So I asked my English teacher what she thought about my writing and if there was any room for a new member on staff. She thought I’d be make a great candidate so she said YES…. and I want to say the rest is history but it’s kinda not.

I started a blog the summer before my junior year of high school and it sucked. I didn’t have anything to write about and I was thinking way to hard about everything. Let’s just say it didn’t work out.

School came sooner rather than later (of course) and I had officially joined the magazine staff. To this day, it was one of the best decisions I ever made throughout my high school career even though my first article I had written didn’t go to print. I can’t even lie. It genuinely sucked LOL. But of course I continued writing and working on the development of who I was as a writer and creating my own voice.

But I couldn’t shake the idea of starting another blog. I decided against it because I felt like I was writing to no audience. I also didn’t have a purpose for starting a blog other than my love for writing. And that wasn’t good enough for me.

After a couple of months of major reconsidering and unfinished blog posts, I shut all ideas of having a blog down. It was too much to keep up. My school work was taking up all of my time and I was stressed about finding a job that I thought I wanted at the time (I have no idea what I was thinking, there was really no way I could have handled a job then).

I eventually tried to get back into the blogging scene when things started to slow down. Again, I fell incredibly short. It was still too much. I had this whole idea that I wanted to be a secret blogger. I wasn’t ashamed of my writing, I just didn’t wanted people to know who was behind the magic. Because of this, I found it difficult to promote myself as a writer. It was nerve wrecking thinking that someone would find out about my identity.

Besides the point, I wasn’t getting views. It was simple. No social media for promotion, no blog traffic which ultimately meant no views, comments, likes or shares.

My 2015 attempt at being a successful blogger had totally been wrecked. And so it happened again in 2016.

They say that “the third time’s a charm.” Because I am older now, I know what direction I’m leaning toward. I know who I am and I’ve tried several different approaches to claiming my spot in the world of words.

So this time, I have asked some of my closest friends–along with my sister– to join me. That way, we can all stay motivated while we share our interests and talents with others.

For starters, I decided to let everyone know who I am. There was really no point in hiding my identity. In turn, this allowed us to use social media as a platform for more coverage, local and global (thank you WordPress for the Reader feature, it does great things for beginning bloggers).

I started this blog for the millionth time because I love sharing my words with others. Because of being able to share my words with others on a network like this, I know that I have become very forthright and candid which isn’t a bad thing. I am progressing in life as a well-rounded individual who knows herself. Plus, it’s nice to have a place where I can be me without having to deal with people (in person anyway). Haha!

I started a blog to let those hopeless wanderers know that they aren’t alone. I want to inspire others and encourage them throughout their daily lives. You can do whatever you want to do (please try to keep it legal). 🙂

And it seems to me that this time, things are different. I have surpassed some of the goals that I crafted two years ago. And I have gained an awesome support system from the writers inside the blog and the beautiful faction of writers outside of the blog. And this time I won’t stop writing or trade in what I have accomplished so far for anything in this world.

Kiana (1)

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4 thoughts on “Third Time’s A Charm: Why I Started A Blog

  1. Yet another amazing article from those at reticent heart blog, you never let me down your content is always intriguing. I’m sure you still have room for growth as do we all but your blog is great,
    keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great story and very personal. When I started a blog and writing I really didn’t want people to know who the writer was. I still struggle with that because social media is supposed to play a huge role but it’s definitely something I’m not into.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get where you’re coming from! Social media isn’t for everyone but I’ve tried just blogging consistently and it works just not as much as it does when I post on social media! I am still looking for ways to promote besides social media.


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