For Healing

By MIYAH BYERS I do not subscribe to any one religion, but find and appreciate bits of truth in many. In light of recent events, this bible verse has come across my spirit: Ephesians 6:13-19 (Message Bible Version) "13Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the [...]


Celebrating Your Birthday Without You

BY KEIANA BOWIE Dad, This day came way too fast. I always wondered how we would celebrate birthdays now that I am away from home. Instead of waking up this morning and showering you with hugs, kisses and cards of love, I just woke up. They say that when a person dies, you forget what [...]

Third Time’s A Charm: Why I Started A Blog

BY KEIANA BOWIE  PHOTO BY ISABEL MARTIN In 2015, I was a sophomore in high school and also a fresh writer on my schools student published magazine staff. My sophomore English teacher always handed out the magazine at the end of her classes when they came out every month since she was the Publications (Magazine [...]