What’s On My iPhone


I’m one that likes to stay updated with the latest technology. And falling behind in this world isn’t a good thing and technology is always changing.

Most people would agree that their iPhone is all they need. iPhone’s are basically like your mom– tells you what you need to get done (Reminders), keeps track of your finances (Wallet)  and constantly tells you to be cautious of your surroundings because there are bad people everywhere (News).

Now, I am usually on top of things and always have a plan ready… I mean, how can you not when there is an app for everything now-a-days? You may be thinking that my phone is full of apps for making life easier. But because I am a simple person, that’s not true at all.

So here is a post about what’s actually on my iPhone:

Wallpaper – I try to pick one thing and stick with it for a while. I’ve had this wallpaper for almost a year and a half. I still like it. I found this photo searching for a nice wallpaper image on Google one day. I like the artsy vibe that it gave me when I first saw it. I also want to travel to France one day so the Eiffel Tower was a plus.

On-The-Dock I have the four apps I use the most: Safari, Email, Phone, and Music.

My Apps include:

Facebook- Who doesn’t have a Facebook? I’ve contemplated deactivating mine for years now but as I get older, it has really become a way for me to stay in touch with my family in Central America. Calling is too expensive and Facebook is free– just makes sense.

Instagram- I am an awfully non-photogenic person and at one point in time I thought I wanted to be a full time singer/musician so I used Instagram as a way to post videos to get feedback. I no longer sing full time, it’s more of a hobby now. You can really just find stuff about my latest posts and pictures of food. You can follow me at: @keiana_b

Twitter- I’ve never really liked Twitter but I was told that the old people are on Facebook and the young people are on Twitter, so I made one. I look at it more of a coverage technique, besides appealing to all ages and generations is something I strive to do. If anything, Twitter would be the first to go. You can follow me at: @keke_bow


Pinterest- I wouldn’t call myself a Pinterest Junkie… yet. I only get on Pinterest when I’m bored but lately I’ve been using it way more than normal. They have really good representations of what I want my dorm to actually look like. Let’s see if I can make it happen. 🙂

Amazon- How do I even explain this? I love Amazon, LOL. I’m currently waiting for a book to come in the mail. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov! If you’ve read it, please comment and let me know how you liked it. Other than books, I don’t really order from Amazon unless it’s something that I want for my iPhone at a discounted price or if I want something in a bulk for a discounted price. Can someone tell me how to search for textbooks?


Snapchat- I was never one for this app either but I have a 70 day streak with my almost roommate. Haha– long story short, we aren’t going to be roommates but we are really good friends hence our streak. Our goal is to continue the streak for all four years of college… if Snapchat doesn’t just disappear. You can follow me at: its-keke113

Remind- This app is most commonly known as Remind 101. This one is definitely going to be deleted. I have no use for it anymore. I started a club while I was in high school and its served as a safe and friendly way of communicating with students through text message reminders. Most teachers use it too.

Messenger- Again, I use this to talk to my family through Facebook.

Spotify- I just couldn’t settle for Apple Music but I’m starting to hate Spotify because you can’t do anything if you don’t have the Premium package. I also hate that after every 15 minutes, 40 ads appear that promise me 30 minutes of “AD FREE MUSIC.” They’re liars. *sigh*

And I don’t want to pay $10.99 for three months of Premium. I already pay the Netflix bill and the Amazon Prime bill. LOL too many bills. But I still love my music.

WordPress- I have to have this one, my favorite. For obvious reasons.


KeyBank- I don’t trust everything that iPhones have to offer. Anything dealing with credit card info and bank account info, I prefer to keep it separate. But I love the “flick of the wrist” when I swipe my debit card– haha. 🙂 I just have to constantly remind myself to sign out of the app after I’m finished looking at the nonexistent money in my bank account. Sue me (though it will be a waste of your time).

Number of unread emails- You all know that I check my email 50 times a day… well… I used to. I am really relaxing this summer and this is how you know I’m keeping my word. I currently have 30 unread emails… Hurts to say it, but I do. *face palm*

First app checked in the morning- Snapchat, I probably never will like Snapchat but the streak LOL… can’t break the streak. And the only reason for it being the first app I check in the morning is so I don’t forget about it.

Last app checked before bedtime- Facebook, no doubt. I just get so caught up in the string of videos that keep coming, though I am not a fan of the ads that just pop up randomly.

Favorite fitness app- What’s fitness mean?

Wish I had 30 of these right now!

Kidding, I am currently using MapMyRun. That’s it. I just prefer to document everything else like calorie intake and what not on paper.

Cities listed in weather app-  Besides the one I live in, Los Angeles, Trieste (Somewhere in Italy), and West Lafeyette, where I’ll be going to college.

Most recent Uber ride- I’ve never taken an Uber. Don’t even have the Uber app so I’m not even sure why I’m including this. 🙂

Most listened to music- I don’t know, I listen to so much now-a-days. It’s whatever.

App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line- Now that I think about it, I don’t really use my phone in the checkout line, partially because it’s cracked and I don’t want others to see–haha and partially because I feel like I need to pay attention to what’s going on around me.

Favorite shopping app- You should know this….. Amazon!

Me all day, everyday.

Let’s not forget about education!

I have two apps that are named Purdue. The one on the top left, I’m not really sure what it’s for. I still have some experimenting to do but the next one down is for checking my school email. I also have a Purdue Menus app. Now that I am going vegan, I think an essential part of being successful in this “dog eat dog” world is being prepared. If there is something at the cafe that I don’t like, I want to know ahead of time so I can prep a meal, simple as that. I also like keeping my options open so knowing what’s going to be served is also nice when you’re tracking your calorie intake.

I have the app called GroupMe, I think the app is a very handy tool like Remind You have to be added to a group to communicate with others. Just good for reminders and keeping in touch with other classmates without giving out your personal information. Boiler Guide is all about the bus routes on campus and a little ways off campus. This is sure to come in handy as I am mapping out my classes. I also get free rides with my student ID, brownie points! I’m all for it! The mobile learn app is a little tricky. It’s sort of a Powerschool and grade tracker kind of system. Definitely need to play around with that a little more too.

And you’re probably wondering how this post is even remotely beneficial to you… unless you’re looking for some handy (and pretty basic and lame) apps, then here you go…. if not, this doesn’t benefit you at all. 🙂


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