So I recently quit my job.  There’s that served cold on a plate for you.

Wait, let me rephrase that…

I quit my job a few days ago, it’s just time for me to move on, I guess. I’m exhausted. I’ve been planning my “perfect” graduation party and I haven’t started packing for college yet. Yikes!

Wait, again. I’m sorry. That’s not why I’m here.

Yesterday I woke up around 8:00 AM which is very unusual since I’ve been out of school. It was storming outside and the only thing I could think  about was curling up in bed all day with a book (what a perfect life that would be). Rain and stormy days are perfect for reading and writing– for me.

But I soon remembered as I buried my face down in my pillows and blanket that an old friend of mine invited me to have breakfast (so much for my last post lol).

Who can turn down food? Especially hash browns and hot chocolate!! My two breakfast favs!

So yesterday I went out for breakfast with an old friend.

Yay for old friends, right?  Of course we talked though, we didn’t just sit around the table and watch each other eat– that would have been super weird and awkward. 🙂 Don’t you think?

Through out the morning we talked about our open and closed relationships, friendships and devoted some time to talk about our hopes and dreams for the next chapter of our lives. Moving out of the house for college, the army (No, I am not going to the army. I am not cut out for that life), cousins finally coming out of the closet and money problems were all let out on the table next to our breakfast plates.

“Have you talked to so and so lately?” No. “Did you go to so and so’s grad party last week?” No. “Are you ready to start college?” Ha-ha heck no.

We talked through my fathers recent death. I didn’t think it was actually affecting me as much as it was. But having someone around you who also knows what it feels like to lose a parent made some things better. I’m now seeing things a little bit clearer. It’s okay to be sad but being sad forever isn’t really an option. We should rejoice for the ones who are no longer in pain or suffering.

We talked out what’s new. Besides the fact that I should be packing right now and the fact that I want to eat ice cream everyday (but who doesn’t?), nothing. Absolutely nothing. My room is a total mess and I’ve started three books within the time span of a week.

If you know me, that’s normal during the days of summer.

And we definitely talked about what’s old. I miss hanging out with friends. Now, we all have jobs (minus me). But we needed time apart to grow, that’s very apparent. Taking a break from one another was a necessary step in us reaching our full potentials. Being able to come back together for a few hours felt like… I don’t really know what it felt like, but it was nice. Really nice.

We talked for hours and I realized that I had a lot more to say that I never knew I was holding in.

I’m just happy that we talked and we were able to part our separate ways again and feel accomplished with what we have experienced so far in our lives.

We both plan to focus on our goals and rebuild our lives now that we are (semi) adults.



4 thoughts on “#HotChocolate&Thunderstorms

  1. Continue to express yourself through writing. Never allow your feelings to build up inside. Continue to reach out to love ones, family, new or ex friends. And ummm its time to start pre- packing gurlllll College is so cool especially when you dont have to take out loans…. No more book reading till college. You will have plenty books to read than lol You are always in my prayer’s. God bless u

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  2. I could really relate to this. I’m the only one who decided not to get a job this Summer, so I haven’t been able to see my friends as much, particularly my best friend.
    Two days ago we went out for coffee before she had to work, and I swear I could’ve stayed there the rest of the day! There was just so much to talk about.
    As for the post, I loved it. I love how “raw” you are in exposing your emotions on your blog. Keep going!

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