The Act of Remembering

BY MIYAH BYERS I have this small wooden elephant--its chestnut brown. Smooth to the touch, its arched back forms perfectly to the palm of my hand. It has no tusks but its trunk is lifted upwards and carved grooves emphasize the outer edges of its ears. I bought it one summer while on a vacation at [...]


Live to Eat, or Eat to Live?: “What the Health”

BY MIYAH BYERS You may have already heard about "What the Health", a new documentary by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn (the creators of Cowspiracy) that was released on Netflix this June. It sat in my watch list for a while, as I've already watched "Cowspiracy," "Forks Over Knives," "Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead," "What's [...]

My Black Father – A poem by Mylan Marable

Poem by MYLAN MARABLE, Music by GRIFFIN WOODARD Post by MIYAH BYERS While we are on this earth, it is important to lift up and honor stories and voices that have something to put out into the universe. In addition to that, we should take special care to lift up voices and people of color, [...]