The 15th

BY MIYAH BYERS Yesterday, Oberlin College made a historic move: the institution just announced that it has elected its first Black president in its 184 years of existence-- AND she's a woman. Here she is: Carmen Twillie Ambar. As for some of Ambar's background, here is an excerpt directly from the college:   "She is passionate about [...]


Cleaning Out My Closet

BY KEIANA BOWIE So... yesterday I graduated from high school. I am thanking the Lord Jesus himself one-hundred and ten percent right now! The past four years of my life have been long and hard and you all know the struggle of always trying to fit in with everyone else. Even if you didn't care [...]

Full House (The POC version)

BY MIYAH BYERS This weekend, my cousin Christian is graduating from high school. He turned 18 earlier this year, and is the last of us "cousin-siblings" to finally cross over into semi-adulthood. Let's TURN UP for him real quick:   With that being said, everyone is making their way to the homestead in order to attend [...]