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The world is big. It never sleeps. Every second of every day, somewhere on the planet, cars are buzzing, people are waking up and going to work, creating, sparking change, starting wars, beginning new fads, taking technology to greater heights, and so much more–this is Life.

And yet, the world is small because somehow, you ended up in our corner.

Here, you will find everything we love–great stories, art, travel, fashion, beauty, and everything in between. At Reticent Heart Blog, we believe that life is about loving, giving, and connecting, and that is what this space is about.

Everything in existence is interconnected and knowledge is infinite and free-flowing, so we have no choice but to give of ourselves. We share who we are. We are real to the highest degree. This is all in the hopes that you, readers, will have the courage to go out into the world and do the same. We are because You are.

So get comfortable and prepare to stay a while. This is an open space–Make it yours.

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